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The main task of the Secretariat is to facilitate the Management Council and Sub-Committee and provide other administrative support.

It prepares the work programme proposed by the Management Council which include dissemination of information on business opportunities, seminar, technical expertise and representation to the Government.

Business Advisory

MAICCI provides business advisory and counseling for Malaysian Indian businessmen. It also assists them to obtain information on loans from the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and other organizations.

Training & Skills Development

MAICCI places importance on training and skills development. It organizes various training sessions for entrepreneurs namely Entrepreneurs Development Seminars on a regular basis, nationwide

MAICCI's Efforts in assisting the Indian Business Community

1. Scrap Metal Licenses

The Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (MAICCI) took up the plight of members from Malaysian Indian Metal Traders and Recyclers Association (MIMTA) to the then Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak to address the following issues:

a) To lift the export ban of Scrap Metal
b) To renew the Trade Licenses and also to issue new licenses to eligible Scrap Metal Traders.

A meeting between MIMTA, MAICCI and the Deputy Prime Minister was arranged at Putrajaya on 5th August 2008. A memorandum was presented during the meeting outlining the difficulties faced by the Association. On 19th August, the then Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib announced the lifting of the ban on the scrap metal exports and also lifted freeze on issuance of licenses.

2. 1Malaysia Vision

A memorandum was presented on 25th March 2010 to the Honorable Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abdul Razak on Integrating Malaysian Indian Business into the 1 Malaysia Vision.

The Memorandum touched on the following:

2.1. Awarding of Government Projects and Tenders.- Called for an affirmative policy for Indian contractors and quota established to determine the quantum of jobs mandated for Indian Contractors.

2.2. Registration of Contractors under SPNB - Called for participation of all contractors, either through collaborations or under a consortium between Bumiputra & Non Bumiputra entities for bidding of projects.

2.3.Representation of MAICCI in local Government Bodies (City Councils) - Called for more Indian representation on local and town / municipal council to protect and promote the Indian Business Community and resolve the problems that remain unaddressed.

2.4. Representation of MAICCI in GLCs - Called for representation of MAICCI (representing the Indian Business Community) to be appointed into various GLCs and Statutory Bodies like Khazanah, TNB, Telekom Malaysia, Port Authorities, Malaysian Airlines, KTMB, KWSP and Water Concession Companies.

2.5. Representation of MAICCI in the Dewan Negara - Called for a member of the Chambers to be represented at the Dewan Negara.

2.6. Representation of MAICCI in PEMUDAH - Called for appointment of a member from the Principal Office Bearers into the PEMUDAH Task Force

2.7. Contracts and Licenses in various Federal and State Government Agencies and City Councils. - Called for a quota of at least 10% for Malaysian Indians in all contracts awarded by the Federal Government and State Governments and Local Municipal Councils.

2.8. MAICCI Projects - Called for awarding of contracts to MAICCI as an entity under the nation building & infrastructure projects like highway, state roads, construction of school buildings and new office buildings.

2.9. Policies on Competition and Trade Practices - Called for at least 10% of all new petrol station kiosks to be awarded to the Malaysian Indian Business Community. Affirmative actions taken to award licenses and distribution rights to the Indian based entrepreneurs and companies who are eligible.

2.10. Palm Oil Windfall Tax - Called for the removal of the windfall tax.

2.11. MAICCI interface Group with the Cabinet Committee on Indian Affairs - Called for formation of a MAICCI Interface group with the Cabinet Committee on Indian Affairs.

3. Foreign Workers

3.1. MAICCI - together with the affiliated Indian Trade Associations presented a Memorandum to the Right Honorable Prime Minister on 25th March 2010, outlining their plight on the need for employment of foreign workers. The reluctance of talented locals in taking up the vacant positions has resulted in a shortage of workers and had caused difficulties in running their businesses. Each of the Trade Associations presented their plight directly to the Prime Minister and requested that they be given approval to employ, in total about 93,000 foreign workers.

3.2. The Trade Associations had also requested that the proposed increase in levy charges on the foreign workers be withheld to remain competitive and survive the uncertain market.

3.3. The Memorandum was tabled at the Cabinet Committee by the Honorable Prime Minister and the Cabinet Committee had directed the Home Affairs Ministry & Human Resources Ministry to look into the affairs of the Indian Business Community. As a start, The Home Affairs Ministry and the Human Resources Ministry had on the call of MAICCI proceeded with the legalization process of all illegal foreign workers employed by the Indian Trade Associations affiliated to MAICCI beginning June 2010. The Indian Trade Associations who were somewhat reluctant in the beginning submitted a total of 3,750 applications for the legalization. The process is still ongoing smoothly.

4. Entrepreneurial Grant

MAICCI has been awarded a grant of RM 1.0 million for Entrepreneurial Training for the Indian Business Community. The Training Schedules are currently been studied for implementation by mid of 2011.

5. Financial Awarness Campaigns amd Roadshows

MAICCI was selected to be a key player to create the awareness among our Indian Business Community and the Indians at large, on the availability of the financial assistance provided by the Commercial Banks, SME Corp and other financial Institutions. Financial Awareness Campaigns and Roadshows along with the various avenues through which one could seek redress in the event of difficulties are to be conducted nationwide, commencing from February 2011, jointly with Bank Negara and other financial institutions.

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